Current Design Examples

WWTP 170.000 P.E.
Erweiterung Wintergarten, 2018
Stahlbau, 2017
Architekturleistung HOAI, Lp. 1-9, 2016
MBR 3.500 P.E., 2015
Leachate Treatment Vietnam, 2014
Conservatory, 2012

WWTP Cost Estimation

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Other News and Project Informations

June 2021 - News from GAZA WWTP on LinkedIn

Congratulations to all project participants and team members for the successful implementation of this very important project!
I am proud to have been part of the DORSCH team!

Pls. follow the presentation of  our colleague Ali Kayed, Mechanical Designer at Passavant Energy & Environment.

March 2021 - Coworking Space at the Kirberg Office


The existing Pavilion at the BLANCHE office in Kirberg is ready to be converted into a modern Coworking Space.


The Space will comprise two spacy office rooms with 4-6 desks, high speed internet,

AC, kitchenette and a rest area. It will be completed in Mai 2021.


The Space shall accomodate our freelance and part time staff, and will offer 

working space for intermediate cooperation partners and project teams.

February 2021 - Serbia inks EUR 3.2 billion deal with China’s CRBC for wastewater projects, landfills ...

December 2020 - The Archive

November 2020 - BLANCHE42® + Your future partner for adult living +


BLANCHE is ready to launch the first progessive housing project: BLANCHE42®


Reduced • Smart • Green • The House for Two • H42 • Adult living at 50+


Works will start in May 2021 with approx. 9 months completion period.


Our new landing page and the expose are coming soon ...


July 2020 - Zugdidi WWTP, Georgia - Progress of Works during the Covid19-Pandemia

Progress of Works at Zugdidi WWTP (83.000 P.E.)


The Contractor continues with construction works under supervision of by

Posch & Partners, Austria 


Plant is ready for E&M Comissioning.

May 2020 - Sludge Management for Mid-sized Communities


Sludge Humification in Reed Beds


An OPEX and ECO-friendly solution for Sustainable Sludge Management in rual areas without noteworthy industry, keeping the valuable fertilizer (N/P) of the Biosolids ...


Σας ευχαριστώ και καλή υγεία! • Merci et bonne santé! • Thank you and good health! • Vielen Dank und Gute Gesundheit!

March 2020 - Covid19 Crisis

Project: Zugdidi WWTP, Georgia

Employer: Posch&Partner, Austria

Expert: Mathias Blanche (Mechanical Expert)

Objective: Works Supervision for FIDIC Yellow Book.


Services were suspended after closure of the EU and National borders.

Special thanks to the Austrian Embassy and Wizzair. The team took the last plane departing from Kutaisi Airport on the 17th to leave Georgia.

December 2019 - New Project in North Cyprus

Project: Morphou/Güzelyurt WWTP, N-Cyprus

Employer: LIF (Local Infrastructure facility by EU/UNDP)

Expert: Mathias Blanche (Wastewater & Tender Expert)

Objective: Employers Requirements for FIDIC Yellow Book Tendering.


Capacity extension for Phase 2, upgrade to 2,964 m3/d at 21,500 P.E. design capacity.

November 2019 - Reed Bed STP in Drushnaja, Belarus

Heim-statt Chernobyl e.V.

The new STP was built as a constructed wetland (reed bed). As ecological variant it fits very well into the sustainable and ecological development concept of the village of Drushnaya. The first reed bed treatment plant in Belarus serves as a pilot project for the entire region, for villages and small settlements which until now have used septic tanks for wastewater disposal.

Drushnaya is already attracting many visitors and delegations from home and abroad, especially because of its ecological orientation in combination with successful community work.

The project has been realized with the strong support of SWT Schulz Wassertechnik, Ingenieurbüro, 35423 Lich, Germany.

November 2019 - Workshop for SCHUTZGEBIET MALAWI-SAMBIA TFCA

Project: Thazima Water Supply Scheme, Malawi

Employer: KfW

Expert: Mathias Blanche (Water & Hydraulic Expert)

Objective: Detailed Design Review for FIDIC Red Book Tendering.


Workshop in the BCM premises during 18-22 Nov. for review and update of the detailed design of water intake, transmission mains and treatment facilities, and reservoirs.

October 2019 - Cahul WWTP, Moldavia

Moldova, a new and eciting country in Europe.

Project: Water Supply and Sanitation in Cahul BMZ N° 201568344 and 201668904

Employer: FWT (

Expert: Mathias Blanche (Wastewater & Sludge Process Expert)

Objective: Conceptual Design of the WWTP (32.000 P.E.), incl. MEICA Design with CAPEX/OPEX for minimized OPEX.

Tender Design for FIDIC Yellow Book.

Works Supervision.

September 2019 - Zugdidi WWTP, Georgia - Progress of Works

Progress of Works at Zugdidi WWTP (83.000 P.E.)


BLANCHE was subcontracted by Posch & Partners, Austria 

as Mechanical Expert for Works Supervision.


Ready for E&M Installations.


September 2019 - 15 Year Anniversary of BLANCHE Tax-Consulting

Anniversary Party on 15th Sept. 2019 in Hünfelden Office

A warm "Thank You" to all our clients, employees & partners, family & friends  who made our impressive corporate development possible!

June 2019 - AQUA DESIGNER 9.0 now available

The new version of the AQUA DESIGNER 9.0 available!

Including MBR Membrane Bio Reactor Design in acc. with DWA-M 227.

AQUA DESIGNER in Version 9 is the prooven software application for WWTP design under consideration of various watewater treatment process variants.

AQUA DESIGNER 9 is available in eleven languages and provides full scale documentation, including PID, equipment and instrumentation lists, OPEX calculation and scaled drawings.

DEMO can be downloaded, here.

April 2019 - Serbia: High Energy Efficiency for Optimized OPEX

Power costs are the driving cost factor for OPEX and determination of the water tariff.

In pre-accession countries with an urgent demand of high inestments for upgrade of the National power grits and new power plants a dramandous increase of the electricity tariffs must be expected in the coming years!


Considerations for WWTP design and the software we use:

- Optimized, multilane design at conservative determination of design capacity

- State of the art process design (i.e. aqua-designer)

- High efficient electric installations and motors (VDE 0100-801)

- High efficient aeration systems with modern plate aerators (i.e. aqua-aero)

- Advanced process control and reporting (i.e. aqua-und-bio-provi)

- Monitoring of power consumption (i.e. provi-energy)

- Anaerobic sludge stabilization (≥ 10.000 P.E.)

- WAS-Disintegration in order to increase gas production and reduce sludge production

- Trigenergration (CCHP) ... cover AC-cold demand with excess heat

- Consider advanced thermal efficiency requirements for buildings   

- Solar sludge drying with mono-landfill in order to keep the P-resource (future processing)

- Sludge Pyrolysis for fertilizer production

- Training and continous further education of operators (i.e. provi-online)



Current design example


Additional power saving potentials are:


• Archimedian screw pumps

• Step-feed process

• Sludge pyrolysis after thermal

   sludge drying


Gross power demand below

20 kWh/P.E./a for wastewater and sludge treatment are feasible at nominal design capacity and loads!




Advanced WWTP design reduces the gross-power demand of wastewater and sludge treatment and the carbon footprint as well as green house gas emissions of the plant!

April 2019 - Montenegro: Serial Production of Preliminary WWTP-Designs

Overcoming the sanitation problems in the touristic areas of Montenegro is a challenge due to rugged topography which requires de-centralized wastewater treatment. The coastal areas are declared as "sensitive area" in acc. with UWWD 271/91 requiring advanced treatment in acc. with the revised BWD 2006/7/EC.

Tourisim requires seasonal operation of WWTP's under particular consideration of energy efficiency requirements and implementation of an applicable sludge management strategy.

March 2019 - Sludge & WWTP Graphs

In the course of recent projects on the Balkans a number of general graphs for wastewater and sludge treatment has been elaborated which we like to share. 

The graphs are ready for free download and use by the Wastewater Engineering Community.

In case higher resolutions or originals are needed, pls. send us your formal request.

Please observe the Copyrights!


Dec. 2018 - Municipality of Bar (Montenegro) Location Study for Wastewater Treatment 

Consulting Services in the Context of the “Water Supply and Sanitation Programme Adriatic Coast V” (201266196)

Employer: FWT (

Expert: Mathias Blanche

Objective: Conceptual design of WWTP's for centralized or decentralized sewage treatment, incl. CAPEX/OPEX for CBA.

December 2018 - 2nd Workshop on Sludge Management, Belgrade

National Sludge Management Strategy for Serbia


Second Workshop & Presentation of the NSMS, 6th Dec. in Belgrade, Serbia


Expert: Mathias Blanche

Objective: Sludge treatment, reuse and disposal process overview, definition of applicable sludge treatment concepts under consideration of current energy  efficiency requirements and tendencies for reduction of specific sludge production. Reuse and disposal options considering latest developments for Phosphorous reclamation.

Draft action plan for implementation of sludge management concepts on regional level, cost estimation and proposal for implementation on short-/mid-/long-term horizon.

Nov. 2018 - Progress of GAZA WWTP

Progress of Works at GAZA WWTP (600.000 P.E.)


Interessting fotos of main building works are published,

find the story on German ARD Channel.


BLANCHE was subcontracted by DORSCH International Consultants 

for the KfW financed Project in 2016

as Process & Procurement Expert.



- Design revision and upgrade (Tender Design)

- Elaboration of FIDIC YB Tender Dossier

- Specifications, Guarantee's, Schedules, etc.

- Assistance for Tender Evaluation

- Contractors design review


Oct. 2018 - Support to Heimstatt Chernobyl e.V. for the construction of a Reed Bed STP

The non-profit association Heim-statt Chernobyl e.V. has been supporting affected families in Ukraine and Belarus for many years,

As part of these activities, two model villages with 58 houses have been built in the new settlements Drushnaja and Stari-Lepel, see
The villages shall now receive a reed bed type wastewater treatment plant.

The procject will be supported by BCM in close cooperation with

A site visit was organized for the project partners in Oct. 2018 in order to demonstrate the simplicity and reliabiity of the process at the Erdfunkstelle Usingen which operates a WWTP for 120 P.E. for more than 15 years.

Oct. 2018 - Wastewater Treatment Components for Kragujevac Wastewater Project Feasibility Study

Our expert Mathias Blanche was contracted for the position of the Process Expert for Kragujevac WWTP in Serbia.

Project: Kragujevac WWTP at 208.000 P.E. for Secondary & Tertiary Treatment

with intensified Anaerobic Sludge Digestion and Biogas Reuse.

Advanced Sludge Treatment by Solar Sludge Drying with Mono-landfill.

Programme: EISP2
Employer: Brooks Hannas & Partners Consortium, Belgrade

Objective: Process design for upgrade and extension of the existing WWTP, option analysis for rehabilitation or new build with CAPEX/OPEX for CBA.




Recommendations for Modern WWTP Design
Comply with state of the art process technology:
• Advanced sludge treatment for reduced sludge production;
• Phosphorous recovery;
• Energy efficiency.
Modern WWTP Design 20180910 R0 MBL.pdf
PDF-Dokument [2.5 MB]

March 2018 - Georgia: Works Supervision Zugdidi WWTP

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Works for STP Construction in Zugdidi

Contract: UWSCGUSIIP- ICB-REG-03a 

Client: Posch & Partner, Innsbruck

Objective: Works Supervision for Zugdidi WWTP Completion (83.000 P.E.)

Expert: Mathias Blanche, WWTP Expert & Mechanical Engineer

Activities: Contractors Design Review (Fidic YB), Supervision

March 2018 - National Sludge Management Strategy for Serbia - World Water Day


Workshop "Specific plan and implementation of directives in the water sector"

Presentation of the status of DISP.

January 2018 - Kick-Off DARKHAN Wastewater Management Project - Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pump Stations


September 2017 - Inauguration of the BLANCHE Office Building in Kirberg


250 Visitors at the opening party in September.


The new Office Building is situated in Hünfelden/Kirberg close to the cities of Limburg and Wiesbaden in the greater Rhein-Main-Area. It offers direct access to motorway A3 and to the high-speed train in Limburg.


Sept. 2017 - 25 Years DWA - Membership

Confirmation of 25 years of membership at DWA - Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V. (former ATV) of Mr. Mathias Blanche.
German DWA is the main professional association of the water & wastewater industry in Germany and Europe.
Confirmation de 25 ans d'adhésion à DWA - Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V. (ancien ATV) de M. Mathias Blanche.
Le DWA allemand est la principale association professionnelle de l'industrie de l'eau et des eaux usées en Allemagne et en Europe.
Επιβεβαίωση 25 ετών συμμετοχής στο DWA - Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V. (πρώην ATV) του κ. Mathias Blanche.
Η γερμανική DWA είναι ο κύριος επαγγελματικός σύλλογος της βιομηχανίας νερού και λυμάτων στη Γερμανία και την Ευρώπη.

May 2017 - Velipoje WWTP 50.000 P.E.

12 Months Defects Notification Period (DNP) successfully completed.

May 2017 - The New DWA-A 131 Design Standard

The German design guidline DWA ATV-A 131 for dimensioning of single-stage WWTP's was revised, following a new edition of the commonly accepted and widly used German design guidline, published in Summer 2016.

Determination of loading is now based on DWA-A 198.

Dimensioning of the biological stage in a single-stage process continues to take place in a static approach but based on chemical oxgen demand (COD) analogously to IWA ASM3.


From our long-term cooperation partner BITControl GmbH we received the new Aquadesigner design tool that will be applied for all future WWTP designs. Intensive trainings were conducted in January and May 2017.

For review, pls. follow

April 2017 - Macedonia, a new country on the list

March 2017 - BIHAC WWTP 60.000 P.E.

Test on Completion completed, WWTP is under DNP.

January 2017 - BLANCHE Office Building

Ende der Winterpause

Der fantastische und schneereiche Winter 2016/2017 neigt sich dem Ende zu und es wird wärmer.




Neben den Ausbaugewerken stehen nun die Rohbauarbeiten für den Pavillon an.



November 2016 - Limuru WWTP

Consultancy Services on Identification, Design and Supervision of Rehabilitation Works at the Limuru STP, Kenya

Client: Posch & Partner, Innsbruck

Objective: Rehabilitation of existing WWTP

Team Leader: Thomas Blanche, Civil Engineer/Architekt

Expert: Mathias Blanche, WWTP Expert & Mechanical Engineer

Activities: Assessment of existing situation, definition of rehabilitation measures, FIDIC Red Book Tender elaboration.

October 2016 - GAZA WWTP

FIDIC YB Contract awarded to the successful Tenderer.

Mathias Blanche will be the Process Expert for DORSCH, Munich for Gaza WWTP (600.000 P.E.) financed by KfW.

October 2016 - First Project in Mongolia, Darkhan WWTP

BCM will be Sub-Consultant for FWT, Freiburg for Darkhan WWTP financed by ADB.
Mathias Blanche will be the Procurement & Process Expert for Conceptual Design (CAS/IFAS/MBBR) and Tender elaboration at 120.000 P.E. design capacity.

October 2016 - NIS WWTP in Serbia

BCM will be Sub-Consultant for Eptisa, Madrit for the project "Priority Environmental Infrastructure for Development (PEID)" financed by SIDA, Sweden.
BCM was contracted for the Conceptual Design and Tender Elaboration of Nis WWTP at approx. 270.000 P.E. design capacity.

July 2016 - New Project in Albania

June 2016 - News from Montenegro

BCM is currently elaborating the Conceptual Design for Montenegro WWTP - for the time being, one of the biggest WWTP Projects in South-East-Europe.

April 2016 - New Building Project for Office Building

Application for Building Permit submitted ...


Our new Office Building with Conservatory for 14 workplaces for BLANCHE Tax Consulting and BLANCHE Consulting Engineers & Architects submitted to the local Town Hall.

Start of construction works is scheduled for 01 July 2016, estimated completion time will be 6 months.

Architect: Thomas Blanche

Designer: Mathias Blanche

Project Manager: Thomas Blanche

January 2016 - Vietnam - A new Country added to the List

Our expert Mathias Blanche was assigned by one of our Key Accounts as the Process Expert for projects in Vietnam.

A first visit to the country took place beginning of February.

Objective: Design review of Contractors proposal for Value Engineering.

Location: Đồng Tháp Provence

December 2015 - Corporate Design

Revision and update of our hompeage that was online for several years.

We felt it to much overloaded with project informations ...


New Logo using the name "BLANCHE" for corporate design with

BLANCHE Tax Consulting in Wiesbaden.


Change of companies name to

"BLANCHE Consulting Engineers & Architects".

November 2015 - Slavonski Brod WWTP, Croatia

The Defects Notification Period (DNP/FIDIC) has been successfully passed by the Contractor and TA/Supervision Contract has been completed. The WWTP entered into normal operation.

June 2015 - Gaza WWTP

Our expert Mathias Blanche was contracted for the position of the Process Expert for Central Gaza WWTP in Palestine.

Project: Central Gaza WWTP Phase 1 at 600.000 P.E. for Secondary Treatment

Options for extension Phase 2 at 1.2 Mio P.E. and Phase 3 at 1.5 Mio P.E. for stepwise conversion up to Tertiary Wastewater  with Anaerobic Sludge Digestion and Biogas Reuse.

Donor: KfW
Employer: DORSCH International Consulting, Munich

Objective: Process review and revision. Volume 3-5 for FIDIC Yellow Book Tender.

March 2015 - Velipoje WWTP, Albania - Phase III

Commencement of Phase III


Extension of SBR Type WWTP for 52.000 P.E.

Employer: EPTISA SEE, Belgrade
Expert: Mathias Blanche

Objective: Works Supervision, FIDIC Red Book

February 2015 - Velipoje Phase II - WWTP, Albania

Final Taking Over of the Works for Phase II (16.700 P.E.) successfully commenced on 28th February 

after 12 month Defects Notification Period.

Completion of Phase III for extension of treatment capacity for 52.000 P.E. is ongoing (May 2016).

August 2014 - Slavonski Brod WWTP, Croatia

Taking Over in acc. with FIDIC Clause 10 successfully commenced on 15th August that will be followed by 12 month Defects Notification Period.

August 2014 - Sisak WWTP, Croatia

Works for completion of SISAK WWTP commenced in August 2014.



Conventional Type WWTP for 60.000 P.E. with

Simultaneous Aerobic Sludge Stabilization

Client: HR_Voda, Zagreb

Employer: EPTISA Adria d.o.o, Zagreb

Objective: Works Supervision, FIDIC Yellow Book

Assignment: Process Engineer

Expert: Mathias Blanche

July 2014 - Vanuatu Island

Our expert Thomas Blanche was contracted for the position of the Drainage/Sanitation Support Engineer in Vanuatu
Project: Port Vila Urban Development Project – Design, Supervision and Capacity Development Consultancy
Employer: RPSA Limited (Roughton International)

June 2014 - Internal

A new landing page for resident private building owners was added to our homepage.

April 2014 - Inauguration of Mia Milia - Haspolat WWTP, North Cyprus

View article

The project – with a total budget of approximately 29 million EURO - was jointly funded by the Sewerage Board of Nicosia (70%), and the European Union under the Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community (30%). The project was implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in the framework of the Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF) Programme and was the biggest project carried out by UNDP-PFF in Cyprus.


BCM assisted UNDP-PFF during the implementation period with evaluation of Tenders and supervision services during commissioning and trial operation of the Works.

March 2014 - Velipoje Phase III - WWTP, Albania

BCM® will provide the Process Engineer for EPTISA SEE for Supervision of Construction and Supplies for Sewerage System and Wastewater Treatment Plant in Velipoja Area Phase III, an EU-funded project managed by the European Union Delegation to Albania. Kick-off meeting took place on 11th March 2014 in the premises of the existing WWTP, which was completed during Phase II, until February 2014.

20-21 March 2014 World Water Day - Croatia

Governmental Delegation


Hochrangiger Besuch des stellvertretenden kroatischen Ministerpräsidenten und Ministers für Regionalentwicklung und EU-Fonds, Branko Grcic auf der Kläranlage Slavonski Brod, zusammen mit Tihomir Jakovina, Landwirtschaftsminister sowie Michael Zmajlovic, dem Minister für Umwelt und Naturschutz am Weltwassertag 2014.


March 2014 - Kenya

Prototype; Module 4

Newly designed, prefabricated temporary house for rual areas.

The building is standardized in modular design, for installation onto concrete slap and includes precast sanitary block, solar power supply, rainwater reuse, etc.

Designer: Fabian Blanche, Student

January 2014 - Slavonski Brod WWTP, Croatia

Trial operation has been commenced after successfully completion and commissioning of the WWTP.

December 2013 - Nizip, Turkey

BCM® was contracted by the JV FWT-FCG-Piramit for Technical Assistance and Supervision for Nizip Water and Wastewater Project, 2009TR16IPR017-01/SER/20.

September 2013 - Bijelo Polje and Cetinje, Montenegro

BCM® was contracted for the Preparation of Technical Documentation for contracting of new sewerage network in municipalities of Bijelo Polje and Cetinje. Tenders will be in acc. with FIDIC Yellow Book Conditions of Contract.

July 2013 - WWTP Velipoja - Phase 2, Albania

BCM® will provide the Process Engineer for Works Supervision on a FIDIC Red Book Contract for the next phase of WWTP extension.

June 2013 - WWTP Mia Milia - Haspolat, North Cyprus

Mr. Mathias Blanche was contracted by UNDP-PFF Cyprus for Supervision of the commissioning of WWTP Mia Milia - Haspolat (270.000 P.E.) in the Northern Part of Nicosia. The new WWTP is the biggest MBR type in Europe.

Bioreactor (MBR)

WWTP Mia Milia - Haspolat, Cyprus


MBR Type WWTP - Stage 1 for 270.000 P.E. at 30 MLD

with Anaerobic Sludge Digestion

Client: SBN, Nicosia

Employer: UNDP-PFF, Nicosia

Objective: Works Supervision, FIDIC Yellow Book

May 2013 - WWTP Sisak, Croatia

One of our key-accounts was awarded a new project in Croatia by HRVATSKE VODE and our expert Mr. Mathias Blanche will be the Process Engineer for Works Supervision on a FIDIC Plant & Design, Build Contract (Yellow Book) for the new WWTP.

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