Current Design Examples

WWTP 170.000 P.E.
Erweiterung Wintergarten, 2018
Stahlbau, 2017
Architekturleistung HOAI, Lp. 1-9, 2016
MBR 3.500 P.E., 2015
Leachate Treatment Vietnam, 2014
Conservatory, 2012

WWTP Cost Estimation

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Design Excellence & Experience

Municipal WWTP 140.000 P.E. - Example Layout 2014
Option: 3.500 P.E. MBR Type WWTP (BNR)

Our design approach always targets on pragmatic application of modern, state-of-the-art and commonly approved technologies which are based on far reaching, long-term experiences of our experts, associates and partners.

Investor’s highest value for money is the ultimate target of our design approach based on approved design procedures, documentation, consequent contract- and project management, and works supervision.

3.500 P.E. SBR Type WWTP - Perspective 2015

Water Engineering Projects require a multi-disciplinary consulting and design approach focusing on optimized functionality, operability and reliability of the works.


On the basis of a proven track record Thomas and Mathias Blanche are heading our design teams for your project success.

Foto: Archive J. Blanche

Saving the Mediterranean


Key-leaflets elaborated by J. Blanche, sen.


Core activities were sales reprentation, marketing & market development.

FIDIC Tender design proposals for international projects.

Contractors execution and detailed design for successful Tenders, incl. PM.


The cooperation ended in 2000 after the companies were merged and sold to an international Investor.





BLANCHE & SOEHNE WATERENGINEERING GmbH was representing former PASSAVANT-WERKE AG and ROEDIGER ANLAGENBAU GmbH in South-East-Europe and Greece, together with Papachristou Research & Engineering, Thessaloniki. 

The collaboration ended in 1998 after the companies were merged sold.

BLANCHE - BCM was found in 2004 by Mathias Blanche.

During recent years BCM was involved in the realization (design, tendering & supervision) of more than 200 WWTP's worldwide.



Retrospective; in 1986, the time of the famous ATARI ST and Amiga computers, we started with CAD (computer aided design) using GFA Draft and Technobox CAD-Software for drafting of P&ID's and 2D design drawings as well as GFA-Castell for 2/3D architectural projects.

Today our CAD Services are using state of the art design and vizualisation software such as:

SketchUp for Conceptual Design

Vectorworks applying current BIM standards

FormZ for 3D Modelling & 3D Printing

Moreover special GIS applications and drafting software (ConceptDraw) are used.


BCM® - BioCompactModular

BCM is the registered trademark for the BioCompactModular design tool for small & middle sized WWTP's which was developed in 2005.


Process Design in accordance with the design recommendations of German DWA/ATV representing leading central European design experiences, which makes sure compliance to most effluent requirements. 

Cost Estimate for WWTP's in South-East-Europe

Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) of municipal WWTP's may be estimated using our updated databse which considers more than 50 investments in the region and which has been updated for a price basis 2015.

Operational Expenditures (OPEX) may be estimated using our updated calculation model.

It should be noted that all costs are indicative.

For further details do not hesitate contacting us directly.

3rd Water Network Meeting 2012

On the occasion Mr. Mathias Blanche fifties birthday the "3rd Water Network Meeting" took place on 26 May 2012.
The event was the professional and business exchange of many international colleges in a friendly, historic environment at Hohlenfels Castle in Germany.
The "3rd Water Network Meeting" was a great success and we look forward to the next event of this kind of BCM®.

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