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WWTP 170.000 P.E.
Erweiterung Wintergarten, 2018
Stahlbau, 2017
Architekturleistung HOAI, Lp. 1-9, 2016
MBR 3.500 P.E., 2015
Leachate Treatment Vietnam, 2014
Conservatory, 2012

WWTP Cost Estimation

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Thomas Blanche, Dipl. Ing. Architect

Thomas Blanche was born in 1963 in Limburg, Germany. He graduated Secondary School (A-Level) in 1981 with master cources in English and Arts. After one year traineeship in Athens, Greece he studied Architecture with Master in Design and Urban Planning, graduated in 1987. During university education he completed various internships in Athens working for a greek Architect firm. Moreover he gained in deep experiences in plant design and construction in Greece and the former Jugoslavia working as Technician for PASSAVANT-WERKE AG and BLANCHE & SOEHNE WATERENGINEERING GmbH.


Thomas Blanche is the Architect of the team, responsible for adminstrative planning of residential homes and commercial real estate and chief designer of our WWTP's.

Today Thomas is temporarily living in Kenia and Zimbawbe working on interational devoloping projects primarily in the field of GIS for water supply and road construction.

  • 1982  Athens, Greece
  • 1994  Registration and Chamber of Architects (Chartered Architect)
  • 1995  CEO at BLANCHE & SOEHNE GmbH
  • 2000  Freelance Architect & Municipal Engineer at VG Aarbergen
  • 2003  Civil Engineer (Urban Planning) SLE Consult, Bad Camberg
  • 2004  Architect & Consultant Engineer (GIZ, Egis International)
  • 2018  Rebranding BLANCHE - BCM Consulting Engineers & Architects
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Thomas Blanche is certified Architect in accordance with §3 of the Architects Act of the State of Rheinland-Pfalz (ArchG)Germany with full authorization to present building documents (planning permission) by the state building code of Rheinland-Pfalz §63 LBO (2).

Member of the Chamber of Architects Rheinland-Pfalz: ID 4543

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