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WWTP 170.000 P.E.
Erweiterung Wintergarten, 2018
Stahlbau, 2017
Architekturleistung HOAI, Lp. 1-9, 2016
MBR 3.500 P.E., 2015
Leachate Treatment Vietnam, 2014
Conservatory, 2012

WWTP Cost Estimation

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August 2021: THE WORLD IS ON FIRE!

Although many people have a good school or university degree ... we as the intelligent race (remember HHGTTG, Douglas Adams) are not able to understand the dynamics of thermodynamics or even the simple physics of a pressure cooker ... since the first publication of the Club of Rome reports ... instead we are heating up the world by creating bitcoins and burning fuel ... now the Gulf Stream (this is the global heat pump) is collapsing, NRE/Belgium are flooded, the Mediterranean (GR/TR) is burning (the Amazonas and the rainforest in Africa too) ... We need a GREEN understanding (= making money with green technologies) ... we need a GREEN policy in the EU and all leading nations ... we need drastic policy changes, even on the costs of 10-20% (!!) of the living standards in the western countries (not really sexy) ... we need a drastic policy change! Otherwise, our children will live in ashes (so it works without nuclear strike) ...

July 2021: Treasures from the BLANCHE Archive

July 2021: Conceptual Design Example from the BLANCHE Archive


Historical documents, the presentation of the bidders drawings for the



Consultant: ENERGOINVEST, Sarajevo

Drawings: Ingenieurbüro Michele, Munic

Proposal Managers: Josef Blanche (†) and Dusan Paulovic (†)

School trainees: Thomas & Mathias Blanche

Tender dossier and design

Wastewater treatment

Sludge treatment

Historical leaflets  

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